Administration Office
4396 Underhill Drive, Flint MI 48506

Kevin Walworth
Phone (810) 591-7600
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Assistant Superintendent
Paul Gaudard
Phone (810) 591-7602
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Mission statement

The Kearsley Community School District
is committed to educational excellence.
It is our mission to prepare students
to be lifelong learners, active citizens and
contributing members in an ever-changing world.


District Beliefs

  • Literacy is the cornerstone to success.
  • We will foster lifelong learners.
  • The environment of all schools will be safe and conducive to teaching and learning.
  • We must prepare students to be contributing members of society.
  • All students deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Teaching and learning will be based upon high expectations, focused curricula, and appropriate instructional techniques.
  • All students need continuous opportunities to maximize achievement.
  • We nurture the social, emotional, and physical development of all learners.
  • All students benefit from a close relationship between home, school and community.


Elements of an effective school

  • Safe and orderly environment
  • Clear school mission
  • Instructional leadership
  • High expectations for success
  • Opportunity to learn and student time on task
  • Frequent monitoring of student progress
  • Home-school relations